Thursday, August 5, 2010

Typical Day

Since I live with my parents my day kinda revolves around them. I am my own individual family and person, however, that gets pushed aside a little when living within the four walls with family members. 
I have been a stay at home mom working very occasionally at a spa.  Its nice to get away from a few hours. 
The girls get up at 6 when grandpa gets up, we go back to sleep till 8. 
Make breakfast, girls love helping and watching me back eggs!
Play Time!  Run around the house!
Read time
Park, water and slide, library, shopping, or whatever we feel like sometimes just get in the car and drive around
Tv time a whole 10 min unless we are out
Wheel of fortune. Like hearing the wheel and the letters
Wild time.. We run the house and get rowdy!
8-10pm grandparents are home, they follow them around and then its get in bed and sleep

Its a very fun filled day!


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